All of the mortgage terms and products available for purchases apply to refinancing as well. Certain conditions may apply depending on if the property is principal residence, type of property, credit situation etc.

Most Financial Institutions will cover the cost of switching your mortgage to them as long as you are not changing your mortgage amount or term. Those costs include appraisals, legal and transfer fees. The best tip I can give is to call us to advise you on the best avenue to take. Whether your mortgage is up for renewal or you want to check if it makes sense to switch your mortgage mid term for a better interest rate, it makes good sense to let us work the numbers for you. That is what we do and are good at.

We will assist you if you are looking to refinance and increase the amount of your mortgage for improvements, debt consolidation, purchase other real estate or other personal use, there may be closing costs involved. All the terms and products still apply.

Whatever the need, call us. We have a multitude of products available that suit the needs of most clients.

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